About Us

Where it all started - 2007
Born of Clair’s passion for designer handbags and Elliott deciding that selling them was better than buying them, they came to the conclusion that Clair couldn’t be the only one in Gainsborough with this dedication.
But time was scarce, Clair was working full-time in sales, and Elliot was an accountant; enter Marilyn, Mum to the rescue as always, and the first Chic, a handbag boutique in Gainsboroughs town centre came to life.
We brought the personal touch, a passion and dedication that saw customers return time and time again, until Marshalls Yard picked up on the success and built us a kiosk in 2009.
Driven by our product knowledge, excellent stock selection and sparkling personality, Elliot and I were able to take the business from strength to strength - whilst raising our beautiful daughter Olivia.


A Leap of Faith - 2011

As the business grew, we saw a niche in the market for country clothing, Joules particularly was in short supply in the area, so when a shop 4 times the size of ours came up, we took a leap of faith, and in 2011 Chic’s specialist country clothing store opened it’s doors for the first time.

Having always strived to maintain the personal touch that made our first store so successful, we made sure that we were always at the top of our game with our in-depth knowledge of every line we carry…and so the clothing store grew beyond what we could have hoped.


And we continue to grow... as a family and a business! 2014 - 2016

By 2014, we were outgrowing our bigger store, so of course we had to think about …oh wait… another baby. James arrived in December 2014, a new member of the Chic empire, and as a toddler helped us once again quadruple our store size (but not quite in time to help with the queues!)

Then in October 2016 we moved into our current store, fitting it out from scratch, aiming to make it the best possible shopping experience for our customers and a great place for our team to work. 

We still felt we were something missing, so to complete our family, along came Bailey Dog, a highly untrained, gorgeous , fun and excitable Cockapoo !

So today, you find yourself standing in our biggest and best store ever, offering possibly the best collections you will find of Joules, Barbour, Weirdfish & Brakeburn for all of the family.

We remain true to our core values as a family business, offering beautiful yet practical clothing for the whole family, whether it be a Sunday afternoon walk in the woods, a family gathering or a well deserved night out with friends, Chic of Gainsborough have it covered.